Please let me know if you would like to contact any of the reviewers below.  I will be more than happy to give you their information.  

Look No Further For Your Havanese Puppy! 
We spent weeks online searching for the right breeder and perfect puppy for us. When I found Premier Havanese Dogs and then spoke with Kim Spain, I knew we had found the one. It felt right from the very beginning--it is scary choosing a breeder online and sending money when she's in South Carolina and we're in New Jersey. But you can tell that Kim really cares about her dogs--it's not just a business to her. After we chose Sully when he was about 4 weeks old, she sent weekly updates including pictures, which we eagerly awaited! The process of flying Sully to us was seamless--Kim checked in several times to make sure all was ok the day of travel. He arrived just as she promised with all his toys, crate, paperwork. We all fell in love immediately and now, today, on his first birthday, I can honestly say he is the love of our lives! Btw, the coloring of these puppies is extraordinary and rare--our Sully gets alot of attention because of it. We still keep in touch with Kim and always will! 

Reviewer: Jane             New Jersey           November 10, 2019

Healthy Happy Puppy Purchase 
We had a very good experience working with Kim. She was communicative throughout the purchase process and she provided helpful feedback as we were making our selection. Our puppy is in good health and is very well socialized. He made the transition easily to his new home and even seemed to have the beginnings of leash & potty training underway. We recommend Premier Havanese for anyone who wants to make a Havanese puppy a member of their family. 

Reviewer: Anne           Chicago, Illinois          November 7, 2019  

This is my puppy that I got from Kim. Drove 51/2 hours to get this little girl and was worried that it would be a long ride home, but this little puppy never made a sound and she didn’t get car sick. Kim is absolutely the sweetest and the best breeder and you can tell how much she cares and works with these puppies to make their transition to their new homes easy..I would highly recommend her if you are searching for this breed you will not be disappointed and not only will you be getting a precious puppy but you are going to have a new friend with Kim. 

Reviewer: Teresa       Kentucky       May 24, 2019 

Great Breeder! 
My husband and I bought our puppy Riley from Kim and we could not be happier! We were nervous at first since we had never looked for a beeeder online but her website was easy to navigate and the reviews really helped us in our decision. Kim is easy to communicate with and made the process so simple. We are from Maryland so we made the drive down to SC. Kim was prepared for our arrival and gave us everything we needed for our puppy. You can tell Kim loves her dogs and she really cares about them. Even after we left we were in constant communication and I feel comfortable asking her anything. Riley was 10 weeks when we picked him up and Kim had already begun potty and crate training. This was a HUGE help, even after a week in our home he only had a few accidents, and he was very easy to train. Overall, if you are looking for an Havanese puppy Kim is the breeder to go to! 

Reviewer: Kylie        North Carolina         January 28, 2019  

We were looking for a Havanese puppy for about 6 months and when we saw Kim's puppies, we felt drawn to them. Are we glad we acted...our puppy is the best puppy we have ever adopted! When she arrived, she was so sweet and gentle after a long journey from South Carolina to California. She is incredibly smart, eager to please and has the funniest personality ever! Kim's work on potty training and crate training shows from the first night, expecting a lot of crying, our puppy was asleep in 10 minutes and has never whined or cried. She got a great bill of health from the vet too. We are so thankful that Kim breeds such incredible dogs. Kim was exceptional! She sent our new puppy with blankets from her liter's scent, lots of great toys, AKC papers and always answers any questions super fast. Best experience we could have asked for and will recommend Kim to anyone wanting a great quality Havanese! We couldn't be happier! 

Reviewer: Susan         California            January 23, 2019  

Our second Havanese! 
We are so pleased with this breeder and have now purchased a 2nd Havanese from her! Our new puppy is perfect and the handoff/delivery was seamless. We enjoy being kept up-to-date by the breeder about how our pup was doing prior to the home arrival, and have been so pleased with the amount of training that was done prior to arrival (e.g. potty training). Would highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a new puppy and particularly to those interested in Havanese! 

Reviewer: Lindsay       Michigan       December 5, 2018

Pleased Puppy Owner 
Premier havanese has been great to work with. She kept us updated weekly on the puppies growth and sent pictures. You can tell that she cares for her puppies a lot. She sends home lots of goodies like toys, cage, leash, and food. Her and I still keep in touch about the puppy. I would highly recommend her havanese puppies, and if I am ever in the market for another puppy, I will be back! 

Reviewer: Leslie        West Virginia         December 4, 2018

Wonderful Dog, Supportive and Careful Breeder 
I bought a female puppy from Kim Spain in March, 2018. "Bonnie" is a delight - sweet, loving, smart and a good family/companion dog. Kim is a careful breeder. She makes sure the puppies are protected from illness and helps with integrating the puppy into the home. We have an older dog and her suggestions made the transition easier for both. She provides ongoing support and is always available to answer questions. Although Bonnie is now 9 months old, I had a recent question and she got back to me immediately. She's been helpful since I first contacted her at the recommendation of a friend who has one of her puppies. 

Reviewer: Jennifer      South Carolina          October 11, 2018

We are the proud owners of our first Havanese, Max. Working with Ms. Spain at Premier Havanese was and is amazing. She only breeds Havanese puppies and does so in the loving environment of her own home. She provided us with everything we needed to get started and is still quick to respond to my emails when I have questions. It is clear these puppies are brought into this world in a loving, kind environment. Max is playful, loving, and has brought a great deal of joy to our family! 

Reviewer: Missy,         North Carolina        May 3, 2018

Breeder Of the Year!
I bought my little Nola from Kim about 3 weeks ago. She is the best puppy! She is smart, playful, and beautiful. My vet said the breeder was first class! The whole experience with Kim was first class! She was informative and took the time to answer all my questions. Nola came home with everything she needed. Nola was well socialized and fit right in with our other pet. When it comes time to get another puppy, Kim will be the first person I will call! Great experience!

Reviewer: Melissa,     Seymour, Tennessee   May 29, 2017

Archie, the chocolate/white Havanese
We purchased a chocolate and white Havanese boy from Kim in March of 2017. Archie has stolen our hearts and helped ease the pain of losing our 15 year old beloved dog. Archie is smart, sweet, well socialized and has exceeded all of our expectations. Kim is an amazing breeder who truly loves her pups and give them all the best possible love and care. I highly recommend her as a breeder!

Reviewer: Cynthia,       Commerce, Georgia    May 21, 2017

Can't ask for better
Thanks Kim for our two babies, Darby and Cooper AKA (Double Dip). They came to Phoenix exactly as advertised and more. They were happy, healthy, contented and needing love after a long trip. Kim has taken time to help us as the Havanese are new to us. With her help we have two pups that keep us in stitches with their antics. I'm sure when the time is right we will once again purchase a pup from Kim knowing we get what is advertised and more without exception. Thanks again Kim. Lance and Lisa Power Phoenix, AZ

Reviewer: Lance,     Phoenix, Arizona                April 17, 2017  

Honest, Ethical, and Excellent Breeder!!! 
I heard about Kim from friends who bought a Havanese from her. They gave her raving reviews. I got on her waiting list for a puppy in the future. Kim was so patient and kind and answered all my questions and concerns. She is so knowledgeable about the breed and how to raise them. I originally picked a male but then decided to adopt another puppy for my daughter. Kim sent us weekly pictures and answered all our questions. Our pups are so well trained already and so sweet. Kim takes the time to potty train them,crate train them, and socialize them. Kim truly loves her dogs and puppies and it’s so obvious when you bring a puppy home. She has given us advice over the last few weeks since we got the puppies. She truly cares about her role in breeding and it shows with each litter. I feel like I have a new great friend in Kim and I will be in touch with her and send her pictures and updates for years to come. I give her 5 stars as a honest, ethical, and excellent breeder and friend for life! 

Reviewer: Bobbie,     Mount Pleasant, South Carolina    July 24, 2016  

Kim is great! 
I purchased Remy, my havanese puppy, from Kim in June 2016. He is so sweet and smart. We had no problem potty training him and teaching him basic commands. Kim was so helpful through the whole process. She was very quick to respond to all of my questions. She also provided support via text message after I picked up my puppy. I can really tell that she cares about all of her dogs. You won't regret your decision if you decide to get a puppy from Kim! 

Reviewer: Ebony,     Greenville, South Carolina    July 21, 2016 

Best breeder ever experienced 
This breeder goes above and beyond. She provides you with everything you need -crate, toys, bed, etc. She cares so much for these dogs and ensures they are well taken care of. The breeder is so attentive for any questions or support before and after you get your puppy. My mom and I each got a puppy from her and they are the best dogs!!! 

Reviewer: Shannon, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina     July 11, 2016

Perfect Havanese Breeder 
The BEST breeder I have ever met. She is very caring and you know instantly that she loves her puppies. They are not just puppies to her they are an extension of her family. Our Tillie is very well socialized, calm, friendly and just everything we wanted for our new family addition! She checks in on her puppies often and long after they have gone to their new homes. She also offers tons of support and is readily available for any questions. She and her puppies are so worth the investment!!! We are considering the possibility of a second puppy. Thanks so much! The Russ Family 

Reviewer: Tuesday,     Coward, South Carolina     July 7, 2016

New Puppy 
We recently purchased a female puppy from Premier Havanese Dogs. Our experience from start to finish was excellent. We received weekly updates which included pictures and information about our puppies growth. The Owner was very responsive and timely with answers to questions that our family had about our new puppy. Our family welcomed our new puppy in June of 2016. Our puppy was good natured, well tempered and potty training had already begun by the owner. We highly recommend using Premier Havanese Dogs. 

Reviewer: Dusti    Greenville, South Carolina,     June 26, 2016

Happy Havanese mommy 
We purchased our new puppy from Kim and couldn't be happier! It was an easy process and what really impresses us is the way she goes over and above to ensure everything goes well. She sent us with all we would need to get started with our puppy including toys that had the scent of the litter our puppy came from to help him adjust to his new home. He had the vaccinations he needed as well. She regularly checks with us to see if everything is going okay. She really cares about her puppies and wants to do whatever she can to ensure everyone is happy. What more could you ask for in a breeder. 

Reviewer: Valerie,     Myrtle Beach, South Carolina    June 14, 2016 

Exceptional Breeder and Puppies 
Kim is an exceptional breeder of exceptional puppies. From the first time I contacted Kim about purchasing one of her puppies she has been supportive and quick to respond. She was very helpful when it came to picking out which one of her beautiful babies we wanted based on the needs of our family. We have small children and it was important for us to bring home a puppy that exhibited a gentle temperament. Kim sent weekly updates complete with pictures of our little guy. When we went to pick up our puppy we were able to meet his parents and some of his litter-mates. Once we brought our puppy home Kim stayed in contact with us and has given great advice to make sure the transition went smoothly for everyone. It is obvious that Kim cares deeply for her dogs and puppies and takes great pleasure in seeing her puppies bring other families joy. We could not be more pleased with our experience or with our puppy. 

Reviewer: Stephanie,     North Carolina    February 13, 2016

We found the fifth member of our family! 
I don't even know where to begin! Kim was excellent to work with from the moment we first contacted her, to even three weeks after bringing Bella home! It is so obvious that she cares for each and every one of her puppies! I cannot say enough positive things about our experience! When we need a playmate for Bella, we will definitely contact Kim again! Thank you so much for everything! 

Reviewer: Jennifer,     Conway, South Carolina    February 9, 2016

A Marvelous Breeder Who Exceeds Expectations 
We are so thrilled with our experience of purchasing Basie from Kim Spain! We had been looking to find a little Havanese boy and interviewed at least 8 other breeders before we found Kim. Her love for her puppies was evident from our first contact. She sent us pictures of Basie every week (I realize now how impossible that must have been with a whole litter) and was always quick to get back to us with our many questions. We picked up the most loving, socialized, happy and clever little pup imaginable! We also got to meet the parents and some of the littler mates as Kim welcomed us into her lovely home. The going away goodies were amazing. Best of all, we got to finally meet Kim! Our vet said Basie was in "awesome health". What more could new parents want? Kim checks in on Basie daily to check his progress and answer any questions. We heartily recommend Kim! 

Reviewer: Randi,     St. Simons Island, Georgia    February 4, 2016 

So very pleased with our experience ... 
Six months searching online for a chocolate & white Havanese. We are soooo very pleased and happy that we waited for Kim Spain's litter. Nothing but happy. Beyond Gorgeous puppy and a TEN on the intelligence scale. In the one week we have owned him, he sleeps through the night, is content in his crate, has learned the following commands: fetch, come, sit, stay, stand, over and under. He understands potty outside. Kim very obviously LOVES her dogs & puppies and has put A LOT of work into them, making him into a very smart little guy! Manteo came to us with tons toys and a fantastic pedigree with the 2010 and 2001 Havanese of the year. Plus Kim keeps tabs with us to make sure he is adjusting and happy. WOW - you get the ENTIRE PACKAGE with Kim, just like the other reviewer said - to the Moon and Back! SHE SHINES and her puppies shine too! SOOO VERY HAPPY!!! Premier Havanese was the BEST DECISION! Thank you Kim for all your hard work and for our sweet little guy! 

Reviewer: Sheila,     North Carolina    February 1, 2016 

Couldn't be happier! 
We had been looking to add a puppy to our family for awhile. I'm so happy we found Premier Havanese. Kim is the nicest person. She answers every question with patience & understanding (it's our 1st time with a puppy). She sent us pictures every week, along with an update on how our little guy was doing. She sent a care package for him with a ton of toys & she emailed us after we picked him up to see how he adjusted. She's available after your puppy comes home to answer questions or concerns. Toby is a sweet, healthy & lovable little boy everyone falls in love with. I will definitely get him a friend from Kim sometime in the future! 

Reviewer: Dinka         New Jersey        January 24, 2016 

We contacted Kim in late September about her puppies for sale. She got back to us immediately and answered all our questions. Kim was kind and very knowledgeable. After countless emails and conversations with Kim we decided to add a furry friend to our family. It was the BEST DECISION! Kim was very involved in the process. She updated us weekly with pictures and comments about Cooper. Kim sent us home with all we needed to make Cooper's transition to our home easy. Cooper has adjusted very well to his new family of six and our lab. Kim continues to reach out to us and we appreciate all her advice about puppy training. Kim Spain made our decision to buy a puppy the BEST DECISION! Thank you Kim! 

Reviewer: Aline,         Charlotte, North Carolina            November 15, 2015

Perfect Experience! 
I can't say enough about the wonderful experience I've had over the last week in adopting my 11-week old puppy from Premier Havanese. Kim was completely honest and absolutely treats her dogs and puppies as her family members. My puppy was happy and healthy with all of the necessary gear and information that I needed to begin my fun and wonderful journey as a first-time Havanese owner. Kim and I have kept in touch daily over my puppy's first week and she has answered all of my questions and enjoyed the pictures I've shared. She loves the puppies as her own and wants to make sure that they end up in the right homes. I would agree with her ethical breeder rating completely! I look forward to a long relationship with her as a friend who loves my dog and cares about him and how he will live his long, happy life! 

Reviewer: Lisa,         Spartanburg, South Carolina        November 13, 2015 

Phenomenal experience 
Rarely does one come across a responsible breeder like Kim. She was very communicative with phone calls and emails prior to our purchase of the dog. She continues to email us daily two weeks after we picked up the dog. Her website is informative and easy to navigate. She greeted us as if we were family. It was evident that she cared for and loved the puppies that she bred. We wish we could have taken two more home with us. 

Reviewer: Chris,         Pawley's Island, South Carolina    October 30, 2015

Amazing breeder and puppies! 
We live in NYC and have searched for months to find a good breeder. We ultimately found this breeder in SC and knew it would be worth the distance!! We loved everything about Kim from the start and felt that she really cared about the pups and transitioning them into a good home. We have had our pup for 2 days now and he is already such a good boy, Kim did a lot of training already and we couldn't be happier! We continue to talk to her daily to check in and get advice on our training process. Great breeder and a perfectly tempered pup!!! If we had more space in our small NYC apartment, we would get more :)!! 

Reviewer: Lindsay,     New York City, New York    October 16, 2015  

Over the Moon Happy! 
We could not have been happier with our experience with welcoming Piper into our family! Kim went above and beyond to help keep us updated on the progress of the puppies as we waited anxiously to bring her home. Piper is a happy healthy puppy and we owe that to Kim for being such a top notch breeder. Trust me when I say I asked tons of questions and it was never a burden to her. We have had Piper for a few weeks now, and Kim is still in touch checking on our progress. Without a doubt Kim loves her dogs and it shows. We truly appreciate that! We are looking forward to getting our next addition from Kim in the future! Thank you Kim for our sweet Piper! 

Reviewer: Debbie,     Charleston, South Carolina    July 16, 2015

Couldn't be happier! 
My husband and I had been looking to give a home to a Havanese puppy for some time. After much research we finally discovered Kim, and having contacted her we instantly knew that she was the breeder for us. She was professional, knowledgeable and extremely kind from the outset, always so willing and quick to answer any questions or queries we had. We had first pick of the male puppies, and after weekly updates and photos from Kim we decided on little Taffy. After bringing him home with a basket full of toys, treats and essentials, thanks to Kim's hard work and dedication, he has found his feet within a week and is learning so much already! We are absolutely thrilled with Taffy and can't praise Kim highly enough. We highly recommend Kim as your breeder for a brilliant Havanese puppy! 

Reviewer:    Jessie and Evan,     Sumter, South Carolina        July 5, 2015

Kim Spain went above and beyond our expectations! 
We contacted Kim in April about a little girl Havanese, and she got right back to us. We got on her waiting list for the next litter. As soon as the litter was born, she notified us and sent weekly photos--more than 4 of each-- of all the puppies before helping us decide which one would best suit our family. The process of purchasing the dog couldn't be easier. We live an easy drive to South Carolina, so we drove to Kim's home where she introduced us to Veronica. My husband and I were flabbergasted by the amount of toys and materials Kim provides. Veronica is set for a very long time in the toy department! Also, it made that first day so easy to have food and a crate. Kim is a caring person who clearly treats these puppies with love. Our vet was impressed with the detailed shot records she provided and he gave our little puppy a glowing report of health. If you're nervous about purchasing a puppy online--don't be. Kim is reputable easy to work with. -- John & Karen, Georgia 

Reviewer:     John and Karen,        Georgia                     July 1, 2015 

Kim Spain is the best! 
We are extremely happy with Lola; she is smart, playful, crate trained (!) and totally adorable. She has adjusted extremely well. Kim has checked on her everyday - including asking for pictures. She is always available to answer any questions or give advice. You can't go wrong with this breeder. She also worked with us as we had to postpone picking her up at the scheduled time. And the puppies are too cute for words.!!! 

Reviewer:     Judy,     Lexington, South Carolina    May 19, 2015 

Best experience ever! 
We contacted Kim about a puppy 8 months ago. We were concerned about my wife's allergies with animals. She put us in contact with someone local who adopted one of her puppies. Soon after we knew we were with the right person to get our dog from. Kim has kept in contact with us all the way through this and after taking our puppy home as well. She is there for support or helping with advise. She is definitely highly recommended by our family! We have the cutest puppy that has the best personality ever! I can't say enough good things about our experience with Kim and the quality of our new puppy! If we ever get another puppy we are calling her up first! Thank you Kim for our new Puddin! 

Reviewer:     Sam,     Charleston, South Carolina       April 21, 2015

Excellent, caring, and professional breeder! 
When searching for our new family member on line I had some reservations but Kim quickly put my mind at ease! She is honest, caring, and professional! She would send weekly updates with pictures & puppy progress, (I looked forward to those every week)! If you have any questions about this breeder let me assure you you will not be disappointed! I highly recommend her. Jack is a beautiful healthy boy with such a sweet personality and temperament. We were overwhelmed with the amount of stuff she sends home with her puppies! She definitely goes above and beyond. She is a wonderful person and professional breeder. I cannot say enough good things about her! I highly recommend! 

Reviewer:     Melinda,     Kentucky            April 15, 2015

Caring and Responsible 
Kim is the most caring and responsible breeder. She truly loves all of her dogs, even after they're adopted. Her Havanese produce gorgeous, sweet, lovable puppies that any family would be lucky to have. She provides new families with information, paperwork, a crate, starter food, and a plethora of toys. She genuinely cares about the welfare of her puppies and stays in touch with the adoptive family to help everyone through the transition. I highly recommend her and we would definitely get a puppy from her again. 

Reviewer:     Amy,     Charleston, SC    April 12, 2015

Our wonderful new family member 
Kim kept in constant touch with us even before our pup was born. She takes lots of pictures from different angles to help you pick the pup you want. Then she sends several pictures each week of the pup you chose & tells you about him as his personality starts to come through. And she is very flexible to work with you getting your puppy home. You literally get everything you need to get started once your pup comes home, with crate, bed, food, leash, papers, info from the vet, peepee pads & LOTS of toys! And since puppies jump from toy to toy, they need lots of them. Then, Kim keeps up with you after you're home & helps you through any questions or concerns you have, & she loves to hear how your new baby is coming along. Very nice lady!! 

Reviewer:         Joan,     Greensboro, NC    April 12, 2015 

Peanut Joins our Havanese Family! 
We’ve been so pleased with Sophie, the first Havanese puppy we secured from Kim Spain two years ago, that we just secured a baby sister for her! Just like with Sophie, Kim has provided professional yet personal and caring service as we made the decision to add another puppy to our household. Peanut and Sophie are great friends already, playing and romping. Sophie is okay sharing all her toys, and even her food, but not her favorite blankie! One of the best perks was the weekly pictures of Peanut, so I could watch her grow as the weeks passed and we waited for The Big Day! And, our vet was very pleased with all the veterinary care that Kim had already provided for Peanut. But it doesn’t stop there…Kim still stays in contact to check on Sophie—it’s so nice to stay in touch with someone who knows and cares about your puppy. If you want to get a puppy from someone who truly cares about each and every puppy, you can’t go wrong with Kim at Premier Havanese Dogs. 

Reviewer:       Kim,     Abington, VA           October 28, 2014  

Kim Spain -A small breeder - one of the best. 
I searched online until I found Kim Spain. I called. We had a great conversation about her dogs and her philosophy raising wonderful Havanese. No pressure from the git-go. After a month I put down a deposit for a pup a year in advance. On our trip north, my godson and I stopped to see Kim and her home. There were no kennels  -  only two breeding pairs and some pups that had been sold. They all lived in a beautiful house and enjoyed a large grass backyard. Joe and I loved the dogs and Kim to the point that I decided on buying two for my wife and myself, and one for my godchildren. They have always wanted a dog. They now are deeply in love with loving Sophie. We love our two pups that arrived with Sophie. They are very healthy with boundless energy. Kim did everything she promised and more and continues to answer any questions. Judy and I could not be happier to have Misty and Aimee and feel we were indeed fortunate to find Kim Spain. 

Reviewer:     Richard,          Scituate, Masschuttes             October 21, 2014  

AWESOME Experience 
We knew we wanted 2 puppies and after searching, we chose Kim even though we knew we would need to get on her waiting list for the next litter of puppies. We got on her waiting list in February. The puppies were born (Rocky and Yogie) in July and we picked them up in October at 12 weeks old. The wait for the puppies was well worth it! The experience in dealing with Kim was extremely positive. As new puppy owners, we had a lot of questions, and she got back to us promptly with answers. Kim began crate training (bonus) the puppies together which was an easy transition to our home as they were used to being together. They are very smart, calm well behaved and loving puppies. Kim takes pride in being an excellent breeder who goes above and beyond in every aspect of the breeding process. Kim is a very honest person of integrity who truly cares/loves the dogs/puppies as part of her family. We give our highest recommendation and are extremely pleased with everything!! 

Reviewer:   Tammi,        Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania                October 18, 2014

Best experience ever!!! 
I searched very carefully for the right breeder and I felt like I found the right one with Kim. From the very beginning, she kept me in the loop of everything I needed to know and was always very prompt at responding to my questions. She helped me determine if this was the right breed for my family. Once the puppies were born, I had weekly updates on their health and she shared pics of the puppies up until it was time to pick Lily up. When we picked Lily up, she made sure all my questions were answered and sent us home with a ton of starter items. She continues to ask for updates on Lily to make sure she is adjusting to her new home. I think that does say a lot about the type of breeder she is. I highly recommend her!! 

Reviewer: Karen        Easley , South Carolina          October 14, 2014

Exceptional Puppy & Breeder 
If you are timid about buying a puppy online … look no further! Kim is a top quality breeder who thinks of her puppies as members of her family. She is caring, knowledgeable and always puts the well-being of her puppies first! To me, that is an awesome quality that you are not going to find in every breeder. She has stayed in contact since the first email, and even took the time to call and speak over the phone to make sure our little Lucy was a good fit for us … and we were a good fit for her! Lucy is just the most loving, playful puppy you could ask for! She has exceeded our expectations in every way. It took a few days to get adjusted to her new home, but since then she has really come out of her shell! She is such a joy, and puts smiles on our faces everyday! If you are considering a Havanese, I would wholeheartedly recommend Kim and Premier Havanese Dogs! We are delighted with the addition to our family!! 

Reviewer:      Julie     Pine Knoll Shoals,  North Carolina       March 5, 2014  

Excellent Experience! 
Buying a puppy online can be a very stressful experience. Kim did everything possible, though, to ensure that it was pleasant and went smoothly. She answered all of our many questions and helped with the decision making process. After we decided on Zoey, she stayed in constant contact and regularly sent pictures and updates. When we went to pick up the puppy, Zoey Kate turned into Zoey and Kate. We ended up bringing home two. Kim gives you everything you need to get started and provides continued support after you bring them home. It is obvious she cares a great deal about her puppies. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking at Havanese puppies. 

Reviewer:     Jason    Charlotte, North Carolina      March 3, 2014

Best Havanese breeder! 
Went down to pick up Riley and came home with Abby too!! Cannot say enough great things about this breeder. She has the well being of her puppies first and foremost. The pups are well socialized, healthy, and beautiful! She also provides everything you need to bring a new puppy home- crate, toys, puppy pads,ect. You can not go wrong if you are looking for a Havanese with this breeder. 

Reviewer:    Mindy       Loveland  Ohio       February 12, 2014

Awesome Person and Breeder 
We purchased Cooper and Daisy (now Champ and Bailey) from Kim on 1/26/14 and couldn't possibly be happier. From the moment I spoke with her I could tell she loves her dogs and their puppies. We picked the puppies up from her home, which was important to me, because I wanted to see the condition of the parents and the environment the puppies were born into. I was thrilled when we arrived! We love Kim and these super smart puppies! They are now all a part of our family (Kim included).  

Reviewer:   Stephanie, Brett, Grey, and Cole      Braselton, GA        January 28, 2014

Molly has put a smile on our faces 
We picked up Molly on Saturday and we are totally happy with her. So far, she is everything that we had hoped she would be. Kim was excellent to do business with and was very helpful. We took her to our vet today to have her checked out and she got an excellent report just as Kim indicated she would. All we have to do is complete the series of shots and continue with routine preventative health. Initially, we thought that we would take 2 puppies from this litter and put a deposit on both. My wife had a change of heart and called Kim. Without hesitation, Kim went to the trouble to put the puppy back up for sale and got him sold right away. This is something that she did not have to do. I would recommend this breeder no matter where you live. 

Reviewer: Tom and Mary       Destin Florida          July 22, 2013    

Excellent Experience 
I cannot say enough about Kim and Premier Havanese. We had a great experience from the first email until we had our puppy in our hands, and even beyond that. Kim obviously cares a great deal about her pups and their welfare. She did everything she said she would. Our puppy, Snickers, does very well with kids and other pets. He has obviously been very socialized, and is already a big part of our family. His health is also excellent. What was really impressive is the time and energy Kim must have spent to potty train. From the first night we brought him home he has not had an accident. He doesn't even go on the pee pad, he only goes outside. We would recommend Kim to everybody. She goes above and beyond in every aspect of breeding. Lori from Nyssa, Oregon 

Reviewer: Lori             Nyssa, Oregon          July 22, 2013 

Milo and Owen
We had a great experience with Premier Havanese Dogs and its owner, Kim. We brought home with us two of her puppies, Sparky and Chipper, and they have been delightful additions to our family. Both dogs have assimilated well into their new surroundings and get along great with our 2 year old Black Lab. Kim provided helpful advice to make a smooth transition. It is obvious Kim cares greatly about her puppies and their placement in good homes. I would highly recommend working with Premier Havanese Dogs. 

Reviewer: Kathy         Simpsonville, South Carolina            July 17, 2013

Fantastic Breeder, Wonderful Little Puppy! 
Our little guy, Guga, is such a sweetheart and is so well mannered! From the beginning of our puppy search, Kim was personable and attentive. She maintained constant contact through email and sent us videos and pictures of our little man. Kim takes great pride in all her pups, and it was evident upon meeting her that she invests much time, effort, and love in helping her puppies transition to their new homes. We couldn't believe all the extras Kim had for us--bed, crate, toys, shot records, puppy food, leash--and she has emailed several times since our return home to check on Guga. She has been very hands-on, and we appreciate her willingness to answer all of our questions. Kim is friendly and welcoming, and we highly recommend her! 

Reviewer: Renee         Charleston, South Carolina          December 27, 2012  

We love our new family member!! 
Buying a puppy online is a risky and terrifying experience, one that can really burn you but with Kim I felt comfortable with the transaction from the inception. She went out of her way to assure me that she was honest and a person of integrity who is not out to get rich breeding Havanese but truly loves the breed and cares about her dogs and puppies. We are the proud parents of a female Havanese and wanted a male companion for our little girl. I fell in love with our little Dexter from the minute I saw his picture. Kim sent me pictures weekly with health updates along with videos of a very happy, healthy little guy. She went above and beyond since we could not take possession of our puppy right away she cared for him and started the potty training process. I am amazed at his progress. Dexter is without a doubt the sweetest, most calm little puppy I have ever had and we are totally pleased with our new family member! Thank you Kim for our baby. 

Reviewer: Janice        Texas                   September 15, 2012    

Top-Notch Experience 
You can't go wrong securing a Havanese puppy from Kim Spain. She has an excellent breeding operation, and provides excellent veterinary care for her puppies, including shots and microchipping. Kim answered all my questions by email or phone, and quickly put my fears to rest about purchasing a puppy online. The amount of "extra's" that came with Sophie were staggering--a crate, bed, dog food, leash, Havanese book, paperwork, veterinary records, puppy pads, flea/tick preventative, and 16 toys!!! Plus, Kim not only kept Sophie for two weeks after I purchased her so I could take a planned vacation, she even met me partway when I picked her up! This was a wonderful experience from start to finish: Kim is very personable and yet professional; pricing was excellent; and Sophie has already stolen my heart. 

Reviewer: Kim             Virginia                 August 15, 2012 

Premier Havanese (Kim Spain)
We just brought home our Havanese. The breeder went above and beyond to make sure both we as the buyer and the puppy were ready. She provided excellent medical records, comfort items such as toys and a crate. The puppy was happy and healthy and we all are getting along fine. I would recommend this breeder to anyone seeking to purchase a Havanese. She is the best! 

Reviewer: Steve               Greenville, South Carolina                  July 23, 2012    

Great breeder, even better person! 
We bought Gracie and Sadie (who are now Chukey and Ellie)! We absolutely love them! Originally, we planned to only buy Ellie but when we saw the pair together, we couldn't possibly separate them! They are the sweetest puppies we have ever met! We already can't imagine our lives without them! Kim was amazing to work with! She was so helpful and answered any questions we had and still have (as we are sure there will be many more!)! Her love for our beautiful puppies was obvious from the moment we met her and that made the buying process that much more enjoyable! We could not be happier with our girls or Kim! We are very grateful for her and we are sure we can think of a million more wonderful things to say about Kim but we are running out of space! We would and will recommend her to anyone looking to buy the most beautiful and brilliant havanese puppies anywhere! 

Reviewer: James       Greenville  South Carolina               January 16, 2012  

Excellent Breeder 
Kim is a wonderful person ,honest, patient and clearly addresses all of your concerns. I purchased Zoe after countless searches the last 5 months for a havanese to add to my breeding/show havanese pack. Zoe was exactly what we were looking for with great confirmation and temperment. She is just a precious little gem. Kim answered all of my questions promptly and followed up once the purchase was completed. It shows she does this for the love of the breed as well someone I want to do business with. I think you will be very satisfied if you choose a puppy from Kim . 

Reviewer: Laurie                  Chicago, Illinios                      January 8, 2012

Excellent experience! 
Kim was very helpful from our initial contact until after the sale of our puppies. Yes, I said puppies, because although we went to pick out one puppy, we ended up buying two! We just could not resist those cute little faces! Toby and Khloe are great puppies with funny personalities, and my three children absolutely adore them! Kim started crate training them for me, which was extremely helpful. We are still in contact with Kim, and she readily answers any questions we have. I would not hesitate to recommend her! 

Reviewer: Amy                 Augusta, Georgia                   January 8, 2012

Great Experience! 
This was our 1st dog and Kim made us feel very comfortable. She emailed me daily and answered all our questions. The dog is so sweet, smart and easy to train because Kim had already done some of the training. I would highly recommend this breeder!!! 

Reviewer: Patricia           Greer  South Carolina                   December 23, 2011 

Perfect Breeder and Puppy! Look No Further! 
My husband and I would give Kim more than 5 stars if we could. We’ve had nothing but a positive experience. The transaction process was smooth and hassle-free. As new puppy owners, we had (and have) questions for Kim, and she gets back to us willingly, eagerly and quickly. She's very knowledgeable and helpful, and it’s nice to know that she'll be there if we need anything. After we got Jacob, Kim followed up on everything from his first night with us to his first vet visit, and she still stays in touch. She was willing to keep him until after we got back from our honeymoon and were settled in our new home--getting him already puppy pad and crate trained was an awesome bonus. Jacob is such a smart, handsome, well behaved, playful, loving, perfect puppy and we know it's due in part to how Kim raised him for the first few months of his life. Family members and even strangers agree that Jacob is wonderful. We give our highest recommendation! 

Reviewer: Julie              Pennsylvania            December 16, 2011    

Believe the great reviews!!! 
Everything everyone else has said is so true. Kim has been a pleasure to deal with and sooo accomodating. We wanted to pick Penny (princess) up on the 3rd of Jan so Kim held her for us. By the time we got her she was p-pad and crate trained. Penny is such a loving dog. If we ever decide to get another Havanese, I would not hesitate to buy from Kim. 

Reviewer: Mary               Louisana                January 5, 2011    

We had an awesome experience with Premier Havanese 
Kim was wonderful to work with and very supportive of this first time puppy owner! Kim and I were in constant communication with one another through the entire purchasing process, delivery of our puppy and even after our puppy arrived and was trying to settle in to her new home...Kim has been there for us! Kim took our puppy on car rides to help ensure there would be no car sickness and she also started crate training for us. Our new puppy, Coco, is amazing! She has been with us just 3 days and has already brought so much joy to our family! Coco is very loving and playful...a perfect fit for my 3 children. I would highly recommend purchasing from Kim and Premier Havanese Dogs. 

Reviewer: Diane             Maryland             December 27, 2010 

Extremely Happy with our Havanese Girl 
Kim was very helpful from the first e mail and phone call, the directions to her place and getting me all set up with our new puppy! She stayed in touch with me after the sale to check on how we were doing with the dog and followed up for the results of her first vet visit! I would highly recommend Kim Spain for anyone who is looking for a puppy. John Davis 

Reviewer: John           Rock Hill, South Carolina        December 16, 2010    

The Perfect Puppy 
Kim was awesome through the whole buying process. She stayed in contact through e-mail with me and made sure to talk to me on the phone before she would let me get Bandit (whose name is now Silas). She made sure to answer all of the questions I had and made sure I was up to date on his vaccinations history. The puppy got here and was everything she said he'd be! He's so smart and loving. When I take him with me places, everyone stops me on the street to comment on how gorgeous my dog is and ask if they can say hi. I got stopped three times on the same block the other day. And he LOVES the attention. He will curl up in someone's lap who he is meeting for the first time. He's an awesome dog. He came to me puppy pad trained, but now he also knows his name, how to sit, to come (if he's not busy playing), to go into his crate when I tell him to (before dinner), and we're working on down, which he's picking up great. I would recommend Kim to anyone looking for a puppy. 

Reviewer: Tyler              Seattle, Washington                 December 5, 2010    

A breeder I love and trust 
I want anyone thinking of buying a Havanese to know that Kim and Premier Havanese breed the finest little dogs.Kim can be trusted 100% in everything she tells you about her dogs. Dusty came to me happy and healthy and doggie door trained, exactly as Kim had told me. I even paid for my puppy a number of weeks before I was able to move her into my new home...and Kim followed through exactly as she promised; sending Dusty's papers right away and following up a number of weeks later with the most beautiful, smartest (honestly) and funniest little dog I have ever owned. Kim and Premiere Havanese are a great way to bring joy into your life. Dee in Tucson, AZ 

Reviewer: Dee                Arizona                  November 14, 2010

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